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Art Fair Tokyo 2010 Opens Against a Backdrop of Uncertainty

Art Fair Tokyo 2009 - Photo: Munetoshi Iwashita.

TOKYO.- ART FAIR TOKYO, the largest fair of its

kind in Japan, began in 2005. This year it celebrates its fifth
Featuring contemporary art, modern art, nihonga and ukiyoe, in addition
to other
Asian works of art and antiques, ART FAIR TOKYO is known throughout the
for both the wide genres and periods it covers and for the quality of
  Last year’s edition of the fair attracted 45,000
people, an increase on the previous year, and an indication of how
interest in
art has gradually grown in Japanese society. ART FAIR TOKYO 2010 is
being held,
as always, at the Tokyo International Forum, and it includes 138
galleries. As
with last year, a special section that is devoted to new galleries of
contemporary art has been set up, this time under the banner of
is being held in the lobby of the main venue.