Art Dubai Projects to feature over 40 international and United Arab Emirates-based artists


DUBAI.- Art Dubai Projects is a programme of new works and performances that explores the fabric and economy of an art fair, embracing the theatrical nature of such an event. In 2012, this critically-acclaimed, interactive programme at Art Dubai (March 21-24, 2012) features dynamic new initiatives: artists’ residencies and site-specific projects are joined by live, city-wide radio transmissions; a new Performance Night staged at the fair; plus a unique artist’s project for children. Artists commissioned to produce new site-specific and performative works for Art Dubai Projects include Fayçal Baghriche, Yto Barrada, Carlos Celdran, James Clar, Koken Ergun, Setu Legi, Magdi Mostafa, UBIK and Deniz Üster. In partnership with The Pavilion Downtown Dubai, The Curatorial Delegation — a collective consisting of writer and curator Juan A. Gaitán and Rabat’s L’Appartement 22 founder Abdellah Karroum — presents R