Art 42 Basel Features 20 Gallery-Curated Projects


BASEL.- The Art Feature sector at Art 42 Basel focuses on precise curatorial projects from artists of many generations. It is located alongside the Art Galleries sector on both floors of Hall 2 and presents 20 projects. With over 200 applications to choose from, the Art Basel Committee and the sector’s experts selected galleries from 12 countries on three continents. The projects chosen promise unexpected and provocative solo presentations and juxtapositions, as well as solo presentations featuring works by artists representing different cultural backgrounds, generations, and artistic approaches. The following galleries and artists have been selected by the Art Basel Committee: Galerie Guido W. Baudach | Berlin: Thomas Zipp, Jürgen Klauke • Bo Bjerggaard | Copenhagen: Poul Gernes, Per Kirkeby • Gallery Chemould Prescott Road | Mumbai: Nalini Malani, Nilima Sheikh • Freymond-Guth & Co. Fine Arts | Zurich: