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Ariel Hassan to Show Works with a Degree of Theatricality at Greenaway Art

ADELAIDE.- Ariel Hassan is primarily a painter, but his practice extends to sculpture / installation and photography. The title of his latest exhibition Today all your plans are going to be successful! is patently ironic, as the viewer, who is invited to have a great day will be confronted by demons; the ghosts generated from memory, anger ,frustration, fears and phobias temper the greeting. This exhibition is triggered from a more personal perspective than some of the more analytical investigations in his previous shows. This new exhibition has a degree of theatricality – a shower of meteors about to hit; paintings on hands and feet, prepare to give chase; a colourful and noisy, immersive upper level of the gallery (with a fragmented figure lying on its surface). All elements induce a smile, as everything is held in one suspended moment, like the pause button pressed