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Ants Invade Colombian Congress Building in A Most Unique Art Display

Artist Rafael Gomezbarros placed a total of 1,300 ants, each measuring 95 centimeters (just over three feet) in length, were mounted on the facade of the legislative headquarters in Bogata, Columbia. -  EFE / MAURICIO DUEÑAS.

BOGOTÁ, COLUMBIA – Hundreds of large black- and
brown-colored fiberglass ants covered the facade, columns and windows of the
Colombian Congress building here in an unusual sculpture by artist Rafael
Gomezbarros, who told the press that the work symbolizes human
With his work depicting an invasion of the ants, which
“represent immigration, globalization and displacement, I’m trying to force a
reflection on what we experience and see on a daily basis, and also to raise
awareness about our monuments,” Gomezbarros said.