Antony Micallef’s "A Little Piece of Me" opens at The Outsiders, London


LONDON.- Eminent London artist Antony Micallef graces The Outsiders London gallery this spring with a special exhibition of his acclaimed ‘Head’ portraits, opening 9 March 2012. Following the runaway success of 2011’s sold-out show Happy Deep Inside My Heart at Lazarides Rathbone Gallery, A Little Piece of Me features ten new examples of Antony’s ongoing Head series. Each are titled A Little Piece of Me numbered one to ten. Whilst the heads almost all resemble Antony himself, it’s not his intention to create self-portraits. Instead, they serve to capture a certain sentiment – or vehemence. “These Heads are simply about looking,” says Antony. “It’s me, alone, with just a mirror. But the intention isn’t to make a self-portrait. Instead, it’s to capture an emotion. I look at my own head as simply a method to help find these faces from within the paper, to purge the