Annely Juda Fine Art Presents Its 7th Solo Exhibition of the Work of Alan Reynolds


LONDON.- Annely Juda Fine Art presents its 7th solo exhibition of the work of Alan Reynolds (b.1926). The exhibition, on view until March 26th, consists of constructed white reliefs and tonal drawings and prints. The pieces in the exhibition display Reynolds’ forty-year investigation into the interplay of the horizontal and vertical, shadow and light. These works, created during the past decade, reveal the continuing exploration by the artist of form, rhythm, structure and equilibrium. At first approach the works convey an austere, conscious formality, which in less able hands than Reynolds’ could create a barrier to the viewer. However, Reynolds, through a lifelong contemplation and exploration of tonality and structure, has the ability to create pieces which transcend the visual and touch upon the subconscious, rhythmic pulse within, inviting us to stay engaged with the work. Though highly structured an