Andy Warhol’s "Sixteen Jackies" Expected to Sell for $30 Million at Sotheby’s in New York


NEW YORK, NY.- Painted in 1964 at the heart of Andy Warhol’s most historic period, Sixteen Jackies is a complex and extraordinarily rare declaration of the twin pedestals on which Warhol’s artistic genius rest: ubiquitous public icons and serial imagery. A tour-de-force presentation of one of Warhol’s most poignant images –his well-known series of portraits of the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, as seen by millions through the press coverage surrounding her husband’s assassination –Sixteen Jackies is also a powerful celebration of Warhol’s inspired use of multiple image repetition as a thematic device. In the early 1960s, Warhol’s rows of soup cans and movie stars were screened within a single canvas. With the Jackie paintings, Warhol for the first time created numbers of small panels which he could later assemble into larger compositions. Against backgrounds of blues, white or the extremely rare gold, Warhol screened eight source images that follow Jackie from her ar