Andy Warhol Portraits of Prince Charles and Princess Diana for Sale at Opera Gallery


LONDON (AP).- A London art gallery says it is putting on sale two portraits by artist Andy Warhol, created to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The Opera Gallery in London says it acquired the original artworks from a private collection and will be selling them as a diptych for 2 million pounds ($3.15 million.) The central London gallery says Wednesday that the portraits — in silkscreen ink on canvas — were completed in 1982, shortly after the royal wedding. They were initially sold to a private collector, and have not been up for sale again since. Opera Gallery opened its doors in Singapore in 1994 at the initiative of Gilles Dyan. Today, the team boasts more than 35 individuals from all walks of life, all sharing the same life-time passion: art in general and contemporary art, in particular. A passion that they strive to communicate to connoisseurs and novices alike. A passion that