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Andy Goldsworthy Departs from His Usual Practice in Exhibition at Galerie Lelong

NEW YORK, NY.- In a major departure from his usual practice of working in the rural landscape, Andy Goldsworthy presents photographs, sculpture and videos made exclusively in New York City. In New York Dirt Water Light, Goldsworthy’s subjects include debris, passersby, and the interplay of natural and artificial light—demonstrating the artist’s broad, compelling understanding of nature. The exhibition at Galerie Lelong includes nine photographic suites, a triptych of “rain shadow” videos, and a sculptural installation made of dirt collected from the city streets. Since 1993, when Goldsworthy presented his first solo exhibition in New York City, the artist has sought to find a way to convey the nature in urban environments. The heart of New York Dirt Water Light is a series of time-based photographs that represent Goldsworthy’s most intensive work in an urban