An old carousel’s by the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the happiest little spots in New York City


NEW YORK (AP).- In the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, strains of old-fashioned music from an organ float over the river, mingling with the sound of children’s laughter. It’s coming from one of the happiest little spots in New York City: Jane’s Carousel, a twinkling antique jewel that spins in a see-through pavilion on the banks of the East River. One afternoon in early autumn, just about everybody seemed enthralled by the rise and fall of the 48 hand-carved wooden horses as they rode in circles over and over in Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was mostly young children emerging from naptime with their mothers, but even some hipsters in skinny jeans and Ray-Ban Wayfarers decided to stop and take a ride, hanging their heads back and grinning as they went. “I think the lights, the music, the horses, it just brings out