An Intimate Look Into the Most Controversial Band in Rock History


LONDON.- To coincide with the theatrical release of “When you’re Strange”, Idea Generation Gallery has an intimate look into the most controversial rock bands in music history. The Doors: When You’re Strange showcases one of the most contentious rock bands to exist. The exhibition will offer an intimate account of The Doors from their rise to fame to their breakthrough on the music scene in 1965. The Doors’ arrival not only marked a string of hit singles but was the start of a new counterculture scene in the 1960’s.The exhibition will reveal intimate portraits of Jim Morrison and how he became one of the most charismatic lead singers with The Doors becoming one of the most controversial rock bands to exist. After Morrison’s death in 1971, The Doors disbanded, with their active career finishing shortly after his death, but their popularity persisted selling over 75 million albums worldw