An Exhibition of New Paintings and Drawings by Elizabeth Peyton at Gagosian Gallery Paris


PARIS.- Gagosian Gallery Paris presents an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Elizabeth Peyton. This is her first solo exhibition in Paris. The exhibition is on view from May 27th until July 28th 2011. With the statement “A painter can say all he wants to with fruit, flowers or even clouds,”Edouard Manet evoked the genre of still-life painting to rebuff the heroic and overcharged history paintings of his time. More than a century later, Peyton’s jewel-like paintings reaffirm Manet’s belief in the quiet potency of an enduring intimiste genre. Portraits of artists both historical and contemporary (Camille Claudel, Isa Genzken), some of whom are also Peyton’s friends (Rirkrit, Klara, Hans-Ulrich), are rendered from photographs or from life. Peyton imbues each likeness with a startling freshness and immediacy, although