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An eleventh key witness for the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin becomes German Cultural Heritage

MUNICH.- Just one week after the announcement of one of the most beautiful theropod dinosaurs yet discovered, from Kelheim, Bavaria, and just in time for the “the 150th anniversary of Archaeopteryx, an 11th and previously unknown specimen of one of the most famous fossil species has emerged in Germany. It was also registered as part of the German Cultural Heritage. Experts hope this will act as a signal for others to follow this lead. For the first time this new Archaeopteryx can be seen among other remarkable theropods and the most important original dinosaur finds from Europe such as Europasaurus, Compsognatus and Balaur – exclusively presented at Munich Show – Mineralientage München from the 28th to the 30th of October. ‘Of particular interest are the superbly preserved imprints of the feathers which will surely help to answer some important, unresolved questions’, said Dr. Oliver Rauhut,