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American photographer Michael Dweck makes history in Cuba-twice

HAVANA.- Michael Dweck had already made history before the doors opened on his exhibit at the Fototeca Museum on Friday. Good thing since he showed up late and upon arrival, expecting 300 or so guests, was greeted by a crowd of about 2,000 Artists, Ambassadors, and Media outside, who weren’t allowed in until he got there. Some rule he didn’t know about. By the time the doors closed, before AP could run their interview with Alex Castro, before the after party (at art collector Jay Rodriguez’ penthouse apartment overlooking Old Havana), Dweck made history again. As the first contemporary artist to be invited by the Cuban government to host a solo museum show, and also being one of the most celebrated artists in the history of Cuba’s largest photography museum, Fototeca de Cuba, Dweck made sure to please. Unlike the book’s original images, which were exhibited in the US, Europe and Tokyo using black-an