American contemporary artist Michael Dweck invited to have a solo exhibition in Cuba


NEW YORK, NY.- American Photographer Michael Dweck will reveal the secret life of Cuba’s creative class at an exhibition at Fototeca de Cuba Museum in Havana Cuba. Almost immediately upon his arrival in Havana, American photographer Michael Dweck became a witness to a side of Cuban society that hasn’t welcomed witnesses – much less Americans or photographers – since the revolution. With the aid of luck, charm and a translator, he landed in the midst of a farandula – a close-knit group of well-connected artists – that seemingly merged the artistic integrity of the 30’s-era Parisian salons with the glamour and star-power of the 70’s-era Studio 54. Through his unprecedented (and unrestricted) access to this hidden society of artists, writers, film makers, musicians and models, he was able to assemble a