American Artist Wade Guyton Shows Small-Format Works at the Secession in Vienna


VIENNA.- In his exhibition Zeichnungen für ein kleines Zimmer (Drawings For A Small Room) at the Secession, American artist Wade Guyton shows small-format works characterized by a minimalist formal vocabulary. As his support medium, he uses pages from old art, architecture and lifestyle magazines which he prints over with an inkjet printer. The abstract idiom devised by the artist on the computer using standard word processing software and the results of this work process are imposed by the fluctuating quality of the printing technology. The works are often ripped or crumpled, with more or less ink applied, plus errors and problems of saturation. Wade Guyton leaves his artworks to mechanical chance. Using a standard inkjet printer, he reproduces non-figurative compositions on canvas or paper. Specific combinations of image and imprint have different effects that are never entirely intended: sometimes the result appears seriou