American Academy in Rome Announces 2011-2012 Rome Prize Winners


ROME.- The American Academy in Rome announces the winners of the 115th annual Rome Prize Competition. Recipients of the 2011-2012 Rome Prizes are provided with a fellowship that includes a stipend, a study or studio, and room and board for a period of six months to two years in Rome, Italy. The 2011-2012 Rome Prize winners are: Albert Paul Albano • Aaron S. Allen • Margaret Marshall Andrews • Paola Bonifazio • Bradford Albert Bouley • Benjamin David Brand • Angela Co • Lonn Combs • Beatriz del Cueto • Jennifer R. Davis • Matt Donovan • Sean Friar • Colin Gee • Elliott Green • Jiminie Ha • Albertus G. A. Horsting • Mary Reid Kelley • Sean Lally • Lei Liang • Siobhan Liddell • Craig Martin • Camille S. Mathieu • Jackie Murray • Suzanne Rivecca • David A. Rubin • Jenny Snider • Heidi Wendt The 2011-2012