Amalia Pica and Karsten Födinger open exhibition at Kunst Halle St. Gallen


ST. GALLEN.- The exhibitions by Amalia Pica and Karsten Födinger are another example of how Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen aims to stimulate the dialogue between two widely different artistic positions. This exhibition model, which builds on contrasts, is intended to generate new and fruitful conclusions for artists and public. Whereas Karsten Födinger from Germany works with spectacular architectonic, almost brutal interventions in space, Argentinean artist Amalia Pica brings together poetry and political content in a very sensitive way. Both thus point towards the notion of structures in the physical and the abstract senses as well as the problems associated with them, whether they be of an institutional or of socio-political nature. Amalia Pica announces listening as the central theme of her exhibition in the title. In «Chronic Listeners» she presents a constellation of new