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Alzheimer’s Patients Benefit from New Detroit Institute Arts Pilot Program "Minds on Art"

DETROIT, MI.- The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) launched a pilot program today that provides stimulating art experiences for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. The program, called Minds on Art, is the first of its kind in Michigan, and is designed to spur mental stimulation, communication and social engagement and to lessen the isolation that comes with the disease. Minds on Art consists of a series of museum visits, each beginning with a gallery discussion followed by an art-making activity. The program is carefully facilitated to exercise cognitive processes while providing a recreational “day out” for both patient and caregiver. Prior to initiating Minds on Art, DIA teaching volunteers and staff participated in sensitivity and techniques training provided by the Michigan Alzheimer’s Association (MAA). The program is a partnership with the MAA, where patients and caregivers from today&#