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Allan Stone Gallery Shows Accumulation with Works by Several Artists

NEW YORK, NY.- The Allan Stone Gallery presents Accumulation, an exhibition featuring works by Arman, César, Dan Basen, Rosamond Berg, Barry Cohen, Linda Cross, Maureen McCabe, Wayne Nowak, Kathryn Spence, the Philadelphia Wireman, Philip Sultz, Krista van Ness, Bill Will, et al. If collage, the major innovation of early 20th century art that led to everything we now classify as “mixed media,” was born when Picasso and Braque revolutionized still life painting by pasting pieces of real newspaper into their Cubist compositions, the actual object as an autonomous entity in art truly came into its own with the advent of Dada and Marcel Duchamp’s “readymades.” Arman was born in France but spent the longest and most productive period of his career in New York City, where he became best known for letting paint tubes speak wittily for themselves, spewing blobs of brilliant pigment within blocks of cl