Allan Alfred Voigt, Founder of the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation, Dies


GEYSERVILLE, CA.- Al Voigt died of lung cancer (he had never smoked) on Friday, May 13, surrounded by friends and family. Al was a Renaissance Man for the 21st Century, providing visionary and inspirational leadership while founding a series of successful technology companies, creating an art foundation and raising a family. He was always a leader, but more than a leader. If Al knew you, he wanted to help you, wanted to encourage you to reach for your dreams and do things you didn’t know were possible. What was truly special about Al was how many things he did well, as an artist, engineer, businessman, citizen and friend. A prodigious thinker, Al was never resting on his laurels; he was always looking ahead to the next idea. Al’s true gift was an inherent and honed skill at looking deeply into a problem and understanding its fundamentals. He loved the elegance of a system well designed, from tiny servos to Stinger missile