Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy at Chicago’s MCA


CHICAGO, IL (AP).- Colorful mobiles made from boldly painted sheet metal and steel wires will dangle above visitors’ heads this summer as the Museum of Contemporary Art displays an exhibit of 60 works by Alexander Calder. But this Calder show, which debuts Saturday, doesn’t only feature the artist’s abstract pieces in the museum’s large, white main-floor gallery. In an equally large gallery across the way, dozens of works by young artists who have a Calderesque style are on view. The idea of juxtaposing Calder’s works alongside those from a younger generation came from museum curator Lynne Warren. Warren sought out specific artists who were looking to Calder. Her aim was to assess his influence on contemporary artists. “We really have the best of both worlds here,” Warren said. “We can also learn more about Calder by looking at him through the eyes of contemporary sculptors.” Calder was revolutionary in his development as a s