AGO Partners with Images Festival to Feature Jon Sasaki Installation in Its Toronto Now Series


TORONTO.- Toronto-based artist Jon Sasaki will present a new installation that recontextualizes the iconic images of the Canadian landscape famously depicted by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. Inspired by the artist’s childhood visits to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and the National Gallery of Canada, Jon Sasaki: Pine features work created and conceived on a visit to Algonquin Park, where Thomson created some of Canada’s most recognizable paintings. The exhibition will be on view from April 6 through June 5, 2011. Presented in collaboration with the Images Festival, Jon Sasaki: Pine includes three works: Jack Pine, 8’ Camera Crane, a haphazard 360-degree shot of the view depicted in Thompson’s 1917 painting Jack Pine; Northern River, 8′ Camera Crane, a large digital photograph that shows the same camera and crane rendered practically immobile by pine tree