Agnews Presents an Exhibition of Previously Unseen Works by Painter Matthew Radford


LONDON.- The 2011 contemporary programme at Agnew’s takes a turn towards illusory abstraction in June with an exhibition of previously unseen works by painter Matthew Radford. The exhibition is on view from June 8th through June 29th, 2011. This remarkable body of work develops Radford’s signature themes of people, crowds and the spectator. To live in a metropolis is to move among the crowds – walking side by side countless unfamiliar faces or travelling on an underground teeming with strangers – rarely does anyone stop to acknowledge and understand the quality of a contemporary city experience. These works by Matthew Radford explore, in an introspective way, the experience of urban living. The artist opens up a dialogue between the mass of a crowd and the individuality of a single figure by delineating the space around them, thus abstracting the landscape in which they appear. Peter Ackroyd,