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Ageing Creatively with the National Gallery

LONDON.- An innovative art project developed by the National Gallery is giving a group of stroke survivors the chance to get their creative juices flowing. Ageing Creatively is an outreach programme that aims to make it possible for people who may be isolated, vulnerable or unable to visit the Gallery independently, to access and enjoy the collection. During November, members of the Greenhill Aphasia Group took part in four outreach workshops at the Greenhill Centre in Newham. Aphasia is a difficulty speaking or understanding speech, reading or writing. It occurs following damage to the brain and is most common after a stroke. Participants worked with artist Viyki Turnbull to create still-life drawings and paintings. For this project – titled “The Real and Unreal” – the group looked at images of still-life paintings in the National Gallery’s permanent collection and compared and contrasted the different ap