‘Against the Wall’ by Marlene Dumas Opens at Serralves Museum


PORTO.- Marlene Dumas is an artist whose work is widely acknowledged and highly respected for focusing the painterly practice on the bare necessities of accommodating the things to be painted – refraining from temptations to create aesthetic surplus value. At the same time she aims at some of the most crucial issues of contemporary life, namely the way human beings are identified and bound by categories such as race, gender, religion, family ties and their affiliation with a particular nation. Her work is personal and autobiographical, and at the same time comprehensive in its scope. Grown up in South Africa and living in Holland since 1976, the thinking of Marlene Dumas is deeply informed by her experience of apartheid. Many of her works take as their starting point political and social conditions of segregation, oppression and domination to explore the fragilities of existence, the difficulties of living together, feelings of fear and anxiety,