Adrian Villar Rojas Represents Argentina at 54th Venice Biennale


VENICE.- After two months of working in-situ with a team of builders, engineers and sculptors, Adrian Villar Rojas presents The Murderer of Your Heritage, his last installation specially created for the 54th Venice Biennial. The piece is placed in a privileged space at the Artiglierie, in the very heart of the Arsenale, just in front of the premises that will be occupied by the permanent Argentinian Pavilion from next year on, after the agreement signed between the Argentine government and the authorities of the Biennale. This site-specific installation of monumental sculptures is based on the theories of multiverses, which state that many different universes could coexist; thus, the large clay figures displayed over the whole space of the Artiglierie could be seen as simultaneous apparitions of these alternative worlds in ours, calling the attention to the other paths that humankind could have taken during its e