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Acclaimed Artist and Filmmaker Gerry Fox Exhibits at Eleven Fine Art

BERLIN.- For his first exhibition at Eleven, acclaimed artist and filmmaker Gerry Fox will realise a brand new series of video works based on 19th century paintings. While in Venice making a large-scale installation about this contemporary city last year, Fox came across a series of works by famous painters including Turner, Sargent, Manet, Monet and Renoir all featuring gondolas in the city’s canals. He set out to recreate these paintings on the highest quality 35 mm film, bringing them to life as cinematic tableaux. Each piece was shot at the exact location of the original painting including the Grand Canal, with all traces of the 21st century painstakingly avoided – including the ever-present vaporetti and constant passers-by, no mean feat in this bustling, tourist city. Fox also used the only 19th century gondola left in Venice and colourful replica costumes. He almost literally filmed the past. Once shot, th