Acclaimed American Photographer Ryan McGinley Exhibits at Galerie Gabriel Rolt


AMSTERDAM.- Galerie Gabriel Rolt presents a new series of works by acclaimed American photographer Ryan McGinley. This is his second solo exhibition in The Netherlands, following on from the 2007 exhibition at FOAM. Youth, liberation and the joy of losing yourself in the moment are elements that feature throughout Ryan McGinley’s work, from his early roots in documenting the urban adventures of his downtown Manhattan friends to his subsequent cross-country travels in utopian environments throughout America to his most recent studio portraits. McGinley’s elaborate and rigorous process of photo-making creates moments of breathtaking beauty: naked feral kids poised in ecstatic abandon. The lack of clothing and other contemporary signifiers along with the archetypical landscapes give the photos a sense of timelessness in which the viewer can project his or her own story. Over the years McGinley’s work has evolve