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Academy Award-winning visual artist Eiko Ishioka has died at age 73 of pancreatic cancer

NEW YORK (AP).- Eiko Ishioka, a bold, Academy Award-winning visual artist whose surreal and sensual costumes were worn by Broadway actors, Olympic athletes, Cirque du Soleil performers and movie stars like Jennifer Lopez, has died in Tokyo. She was 73. Her studio manager, Tracy Roberts, said Thursday that the designer died of pancreatic cancer. Ishioka, who also worked in advertising and other graphic arts, won the 1992 Academy Award for Best Costume Design for the film “Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula,'” directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Her dreamlike, billowing designs were featured in the 2001 film “The Cell,” staring Lopez. She won a Grammy Award in 1986 for her cover design of Miles Davis’ album “Tutu” and she directed the music video for the single “Cocoon” from Bjork’s album “Vespertine.” She also won the 1985 Cannes Film