A Three-Dimensional Portrait of the Sensibility of Contemporary German Architecture


VENICE.- The German Pavilion’s theme of “desire” represents a fundamental emotional driving force of architectural activity. The focus is on the direct sensuous experience of architecture on a scale of one-to-one. Instead of representative models, plans or photographs the pavilion itself is interpreted as exhibit number one and elevated to a place of yearning in the gardens of Venice. A selection of German architects and other artists express their architectural desires in the form of sketches. This turns a contemporary salon into a place of encounters and interdisciplinary reflections on the individual and collective sensibilities of the current architectural scene. The concept of “desire” is a good way of making the emotional, intimate and sensuous aspects of architecture the subject of public discourse. The idea is to provide a venue in which views can be exchanged on these aspects of architecture. It is not so much a matter of exhibiting objects or i