A Table from the Sea’s Edge by Silas Birtwistle on Display in Liverpool’s World Museum


LIVERPOOL.- A massive conference table surrounded by 12 chairs created from driftwood by British furniture maker / artist Silas Birtwistle promotes conservation of the world’s seas, oceans and forests. He travelled to Belize, Vancouver Island, Tanzania and Borneo to gather materials for his artwork A Table from the Sea’s Edge which highlights coastal and marine biodiversity. Among those who have sat at the table are actor Harrison Ford and politicians Tony Blair and Boris Johnson. The artwork reflects international concerns about threats to the environment from global warming, pollution, population and other factors. The table is set to tour the globe and its first residency is in Liverpool at World Museum. Silas says: “I collected the driftwood from the four corners of the world with help from indigenous communities and local environmental non-governmental organisations, most notably the