A Night at the Museum ‘Dream-Over’ for Adults Provides Opportunity to Have Art-Inspired Dreams in Museun Galleries


NEW YORK, NY.- The Rubin Museum’s acclaimed BRAINWAVE series has kicked off its fourth season on February 7 with a conversation between spoken-word artist Henry Rollins and neuroscientist David Eagleman. Subsequent conversations feature composer and performance artist Meredith Monk, playwright John Patrick Shanley, painter David Salle, and actress Debra Winger among other artists paired with leading scientists involved in the study of the mind. The museum’s fourth annual exploration of the human mind focuses on the relationship between dreams and creativity, prophecy and consciousness. Why do we dream? What function does this ancillary brain activity serve? Do dreams anticipate the future? Can dreams inspire creativity in our waking lives? BRAINWAVE explores these questions in a variety of formats. In addition to the public dialogues, the museum hosts its first “dream-over” for adults, and a series of workshops complemen