A New Project by The Fourth Height Art Group at Pobeda Gallery in Moscow


MOSCOW.- POBEDA Gallery presents a new project by The Fourth Height art group – The Crown. The group consists of three Russian artists: Dina Kim, Katya Kameneva and Gala Smirnskaya. Since the nineties it is reckoned as a part of Moscow conceptualist circle. Artists define their own style as “multicultural trash-dreaming” as their work reflect mass cul ture through irony and fantasy. Raising post-War and feminist issues through the aesthetics of fashion and the iconography of sex and femininity, The Fourth Height addresses the Soviet past and Capitalist present. Violence and aggression may mislead a viewer into a shallow reading, but the subjects raised go deeply into Russia’s history and folklore. The artists live and work in different countries and execute work quite rarely due to the research-based nature of their projects. Their best- known series’ The