A Gathering Quiet: Metalpoint Paintings and Drawings by Susan Schwalb at Galerie Mourlot


NEW YORK, NY.- Galerie Mourlot presents its second solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Susan Schwalb. Susan Schwalb’s new series of carefully constructed silverpoint paintings uses delicate horizontal lines and bands, drawn across layered fields of color, to create serene and meditative works. Layering, line and light are Schwalb’s signatures. Each individual silverpoint line which she attentively places over a field of acrylic color adds a layer of movement to her painting. The result is a quiet and compelling vibration of color and line. The paintings in this new series are composed of subtle hues of pale peach, subdued pink, pastel blue and muted gold, evoking natural forces. These panels are carefully beveled so that the imagery seems to float off the wall. While her works are essentially abstract, the carefully chosen titles do provoke certain readings. Aspects of her art suggest movement,