A Cabinet of Curiosities by Fiona Pardington, Carlo Van de Roer, and David Boyce at Suite Fine Art Gallery


WELLINGTON.- Wunderkammer brings together works that represent a contemporary take on the Renaissance notion of a cabinet of curiosities; that displayed altogether objects from the worlds of art and antiquities, natural history, geology, archaeology as well as religious and historical relics can create a microcosm of the world. Hence, the works selected here evoke our cultural memory through mementos and curiosities, and present time as a non-linear concept. Dealing with the notion of time and memory inherent to photography, the works question photography as a tool for understanding and/or comprehending the world. Fiona Pardington is arguably New Zealand’s premier contemporary photographer. Her latest work was made while in Paris completing Ahua: A Beautiful Hesitation (part one of which was shown at the Sydney Biennale 2010). Ahua looks at the ways in which first casting and then photography have been used by Europeans as tools for understanding the world and cataloguing the ex