80 Coloured Ink Paintings Made by Josephine King at Riflemaker


LONDON.- Josephine King (b.1965, London) shows self-portraits that describe the trauma caused by the artist’s own extreme bi-polar disorder, in ‘Life So Far’, her debut solo exhibition at Riflemaker from 13 September. Riflemaker presents 80 coloured ink paintings made by King over the last five years. These full-length portraits, and often distressing texts that frame them, express some of the confusion and isolation of her illness. Yet, rather than being depressing, the work is intimate and inspiring. The paintings fuse the decorative aspect of King’s previous ceramic work with bleak subject matter – melancholia, drug abuse, destructive relationships. The painting style is intensely colourful, almost Fauvist, featuring the artist in a variety of starched and patterned clothing often holding a ‘prop’ – a knife, pills, a tube of paint. The ‘poster-like’ composition of King’s paintings p