31 dog paintings by Royal artist from Bolton to sell at Bonhams


NEW YORK, NY.- Thirty one works by the renowned canine artist, Reuben Ward Binks (1880-1950), who regularly painted for the Royal family, will feature in the ‘Dogs in Show & Field: The Fine Art Sale’ on 15th February 2012 at Bonhams New York saleroom. Reuben Ward Binks was born in Halliwell, Bolton in 1880 and was initially destined to follow the career of his father and become a watchmaker. However, he showed an early talent for painting and pursued this as a career after studying at Manchester Art School. He was later commissioned by the Countess of Howe to paint a series of her sporting dogs, and she was so pleased with the results that she encouraged him to specialise in canine paintings, and her considerable social connections helped his career to develop. He subsequently painted for many members of the Royal Family, including King Edward VII’s terrier Caesar, Clumber