30 Pieces of Photographic Works by Chinese Artists Maleonn and Jiang Pengyi at Blindspot Gallery


HONG KONG.- A Departure from Reality III: The Tender Truth features over 30 pieces of photographic artworks from 10 different series by Mainland Chinese artists Maleonn and Jiang Pengyi at both The Blindspot Gallery and Blindspot Annex in Hong Kong. Maleonn is one of the most famous Chinese artists in conceptual photography. Ma’s photographs are filmed both on location and in studio, his previous professional work as a TV commercial director gives a staged quality to both his indoor and outdoor shots. And Ma often participates in his art by incorporating the use of his own facial masks and body parts. His staged photography represents a whimsical world, with total manipulation of space and matters. In one of the series What Love Is, the phantom objects include fire flames, butterflies, flowers, decorative lights and paper-cut figures on a miniature red-curtained stage. These make-shift elements seem to signify that