2011 Käthe Kollwitz Prize Awarded to Canadian Artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller


BERLIN.- The Käthe-Kollwitz-Preis 2011 (Käthe Kollwitz Prize) has been awarded jointly to Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. On this occasion the artist duo from Canada will be showing four works in the Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts). The exhibition at Pariser Platz will focus on the construction and deconstruction of acoustic perception and illusionist spaces. The real occurrences in Cardiff’s and Miller’s stories only reveal themselves when people enter the space and engage their visual and tactile senses. An additional layer is revealed in the process of recalling and imagining spaces, objects and relations. As an observer-listener, the visitor is tugged back and forth between dream and trauma, horror and curiosity. What people see often fails to match with what they are hearing, or it is hard to associate a particular sound with its imagined location. One of these intriguingly narrative main works is entitled “Killing