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2 Men Denied Admission to Event at Creation Museum

PETERSBURG, KY (AP).- A progressive blogger and another man who tried to go to a special event at Kentucky’s Creation Museum said they were denied admission because they told security that they were a same-sex couple. The men bought tickets online for a Date Night event on Feb. 11 at the privately funded Petersburg museum, which shows visitors a literal interpretation of the Bible depicting how the world was created in six days about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Both museum officials and the men denied admission agree that they weren’t let in and not reimbursed the $71.90 cost for the tickets. They differ on whether it was clear beforehand that men without female companions would be turned away. The event included dinner, musical performances and a talk from museum founder Ken Ham about love and the biblical view of marriage. One of the men who was denied admission, Joe Sonka, is the writer of a blog called