1916 Irish Revolutionary Handover to American Irish Historical Society New York


DUBLIN.- On Wednesday next, June 8, the American Irish Historical Society will accept, on loan, a unique relic of the Irish Rising of Easter 1916. The treasured object is a tricolour flag flown by the Irish Volunteers over their headquarters in Dublin during the revolution. The flag was captured by British soldiers after the surrender and was later given to a doctor in Lisburn, County Antrim . In turn his son-in-law donated it to the family of John Sweetman (1844-1936), a renowned Irish Nationalist and one of the founders of Sinn Féin. The flag is today insured for $1 million. The Sweetman family have kindly agreed to the AIHS request for a loan of this revered relic of Irish history, and next Wednesday Mr Ian Whyte of Whyte’s, Ireland’s leading art and collectibles auction house, representing the Sweetman family, will formally hand over the flag to Kevin M Cahill MD, President-General of the American Irish