100 Years of Archaeological Research at Xochicalco Commemorated

artwork: Iguana, Xochicalco, Morelos. - Photo: Adalberto Rios. - An iguana approximately 1000 years old, account for the mastery of Xochicalco artists.

MEXICO CITY.- Three life-sized Prehispanic sculptures found in fragments almost 20 years ago at Xochicalco Archaeological Zone, Morelos, are exhibited in public for the first time at Cuauhnahuac Regional Museum, after having been reassembled and restored. The exhibition commemorates 100 years of exploration at the site. “Earthly and divine were mixed in this artwork, giving it great symbolic value”, mentioned the researcher at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), adding that the sculptures dated in the Epi Classic period (650-1100 AD) were found in 1992 by the Xochicalco Project headed by archaeologist Norberto Gonzalez Crespo.