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Creative GENIUS 100 Contemporary Artists


Masters of Today Creative GENIUS 100 Contemporary Artists


We are inviting contemporary Artists to submit artworks for selection in CREATIVE GENIUS a new collectible global art book for collectors, museums, galleries, bookstores and eCommerce. Each artist selection, nomination and inclusion is made on the merit of the works. The editors will review all submissions and make decisions on acceptance. Each artist included will receive three copies of the book.

Submit for Selection

–  4-8 digital images of your artworks (high resolution 300 dpi JPGs up to 22 cm / 9 in on side)
–  Details of the works (Title, Year, Media, Size)
–  Up to 500 words of Statement, Essay or Writing (no CV or Biography)
–  The place of your residence and work

–  The website,  e-Mail and postal address
–  A photo of yourself, 300 dpi JPG /5cm /2in.

If your submission is successful we will send you a layout alternative (PDF file). If you do not hear from us this indicates that your submission for selection has not been successful.

Please make sure your submission conform to the requirements outlined above.

After selection an editorial fee is requested to defray editorial and production expenses. The current editorial fee is 590 Euro ($790 US) for one-page and 990 Euro ($1,320 US) for two-page spreads.
The editorial fee is not for the right to be the included in our collectible global art books but represents an standard production cost that includes creative layout and design-per-page, full editing, plates, offset print, packing, shipping, distribution and three book copies send to each artist included. The editorial fee should be provided by a gallery, corporation, individual contributor or self-provided after receiving a layout alternative.

Masters of Today /MOT’s collective global books are rare and unique collectible art books authentically signed by the artists included and are investment and collectible art book objects.

As a guide price the values of a Masters of Today/MOT art book is from $199  to $2799 per copy.

Search inside MOT’s most recently released collectible global art books including over 500 published artist profiles: FAMOUS, MASTERS, and TRENDS.

Masters art books are distributed through large book wholesalers and ecommerce channels, in US bookstores and internationally including Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon in USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Australia and others. Each artist will receive three free copy of the book. Check some of our books at Amazon /Borders.


pdf applicationDownload and complete the PDF application and submit for selection today, the editing process is in progress. For further information search the website

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