Promotion of the Contemporary art

Deadline: August 28 th 2008

Typology: painting, sculpture, photo

Various Italian Institutions announce the Third Edition of an International Art Prize finalized to the promotion of the Contemporary art. The Prize is divided in three sections: painting, photographic art and sculpture. The Prize is open to all the Artists, without limits of age, sex, nationality or other qualification. Every artist can participate with one or two works also in different sections.

PAINTING: works can be realized in any technique and style (oil, temper, acrylic, ink, vinyl, water-colour, graphite, pencil, collage, etc.) and on any support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc.). The maximum measures allowed for every work are of cm 120 for any side.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ART: Photos on analogical support in black/white and colour, digital photos in black/white and colour, digital elaborations in black/white and colour, works entirely realized by the computer. Video are not admitted. The maximum measures allowed for every work are of cm 120 for any side.

SCULPTURE: works created in any organic or inorganic material. The works can also use sounds, lights, video and mechanical or electrical movements. It is possible to introduce the works in form of photographic digital projection or video (film or computer graphics 3D). The maximum measures allowed for every work are the followings: base: 1 meter, depth: 1 meter, height: 2 meters, wheight: 25 kgs.

The Juries will select 30 works finalists for every section, that will be exhibited in various centers. The prizes are the following: Painting Prize: 4.500,00 Euro Photographic Art prize: 4.500,00 Euro Sculpture Prize: 4.500,00 Euro

The prizes are included taxes. There are also 12 personal exhibitions offered by various galleries and other special prizes.

For detailed information on how to participate ( integral announcement with required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: at the section “Opportunities””