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1000 Strip Off in Spencer Tunick Tribute to Artist LS Lowry

Art ... 1000+ Naked volunteers pose for Spencer Tunick in Manchester, UK in a bold attempt to recreate the work of artist LS Lowry.

Manchester, UK – More than one thousand volunteers
braved the cold and stripped naked. . in the name of art. People of all ages, shapes and sizes were
photographed by Spencer Tunick at eight landmark locations across
Salford and
Manchester. The nude mass
gathering was
held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Lowry arts centre, with
pictures set to form part of an exhibition at the venue later in the
The New
artist has photographed thousands of nude volunteers across the world,

most recently at the Sydney Opera House last month.
But he chose
Salford and Manchester for his first multiple site installation after
inspired by the works of LS Lowry, who also captured crowds of people in
places . . albeit with their clothes on.