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Photography’s Angel Provocateur ‘Cindy Sherman’ at Museum of Modern Art

New York City - There are several conclusions to be drawn from the Museum of Modern Art’s magnificent if somewhat flawed survey of Cindy Sherman’s brilliant career. But one of them is surely that reports of the death of the author have been grea...

First solo show in the UK by Swiss artist Raphael Hefti...

LONDON.- In January Camden Arts Centre presents the first solo show in the UK by Swiss artist Raphael Hefti. For the past ten years he has been interfering with material processes, manipulating and transforming substances to create surprising images a...

El Museo del Barrio opens “Retro-Active The Work of Rafael Ferrer”

Rafael Ferrer - Untitled, 1960 - Oil paint, spackle, metal hooks, rat trap, aluminum, collage on wood, 35 x 20 3/4 inches. Collection Françoise Ferrer

NEW YORK, NY.- El Museo del Barrio presents Retro/Active, The Work of Rafael Ferrer, the first solo exhibition in a museum to examine the breadth and depth of the artist’s influential production over the last 55 years, will be on view June 8 – August 22, 2010. The travelling retrospective, curated by Deborah Cullen, Director of Curatorial Programs at El Museo del Barrio, includes approximately 100 works from the mid-1950s to the present in a vast variety of media including collage, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, and mixed-media. It is part of El Museo’s FOCOS series, which highlights the work of mature, under-recognized, and groundbreaking artists.

Photographs by Finnish Artist Ilkka Halso at Galerie Wagner + Partner

BERLIN.- Weather has become “climate”, climate has turned into “climate crisis” – an unstoppable threat of our natural environment has been a global discussion topic for years. The internationally renowned Finnish artist Ilkka Halso (*1965 ) has been dealing with healing and rescue of endangered nature in his work for the best part of a decade. His photographic interventions are therefore not just the Finnish sequel of “Landart”, developed in the USA in the 1960s, but also a reaction to our changing planet. The exhibition at Galerie Wagner + Partner aims to trace Halso’s aesthetic approach of rescuing nature. In the works of the series “Restoration” the artist develops and builds pseudo-scientific arrangements such as scaffolding trees with transparent gauze and illuminating them. Nature is given

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