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The Queen’s Gallery to exhibit "Realism Found"

Charlotte, NC – Katherine Blackwell, Cher Cosper, David Thayer French, Joshua Gage, Paul Keysar, Andrew Leventis, Osiris Rain, and P. S. Thibodeaux will display their work June 1 through 30, 2009, in an exhibit titled “Realism Found: Charlot...

New York’s Museum of Modern Art Acquires Two Major Collections of...

NEW YORK, NY.- The Museum of Modern Art announces the acquisition of the Daled Collection, one of the key collections of American and European Conceptual art from the 1960s and 1970s. The collection includes 223 works across all mediums, assembled betw...

Museo Picasso Málaga Exhibits ‘Muses and Models’

Pablo Picasso Lying Woman With A Gigantic Hand

Málaga, Spain - Over the course of his life, Pablo Picasso produced an extensive number of works featuring women – his favorite subject.  Whether delicately sensual or profoundly carnal, temperamental or serene, these women did not merely pose; rather, through the master’s gaze, they played an active role in the creative process, becoming muses and sources of inspiration for the man who loved them and immortalized them in his work.

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