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Two Cities, 20 Designers, and 90 Days to Complete an Unprecedented Exercise in Creativity and Imagination

LONDON.- The Art of Conversation: London—Berlin is a unique exhibition shown in London and Berlin. The content is generated through a visual game of ‘Chinese whispers’ between the designers in the two cities. Curated by the two design studios BANK in Berlin and INVENTORY Studio in London, the exhibition calls upon the talents of some of the most exciting new and established designers from across Europe. Over the course of 90 days, 20 entirely original works will be created, each in response to the previous piece, in a fascinating chain of communication that will at once reveal and demystify the designer’s thought process. Their piece can take any form; from sculpture to performance, photograph to text. The resulting show will demonstrate that creativity is never predictable and infinitely varied. To kick off the process, the first design team were gifted a hot air balloon flight by the curators, setting a precedent and giving the studio “space to think”

Art News

Andrew Wyeth Painting on View at the Dayton Art Institute

Andrew Wyeth - "Ring Road", 1985 - Courtesy of The Dayton Art Institute

DAYTON, OH.- Andrew Wyeth, arguably one of
America’s most famous artists, died in 2009 at the age of 91. The Dayton Art
Institute placed on view, for a limited time, Wyeth’s painting, Ring Road of
1985, in recognition of the artist’s enormous legacy.
Wyeth is often
described as a “magic realist” painter for his crisp, detailed technique,
combined with the otherworldly qualities of mood he brings to his art. He
painted the people and places he knew best in Pennsylvania and in Maine. Among
these is Christina’s “World of 1948”, which hangs at the Museum of Modern Art in
New York.